Websites We Recommend

A Christian Doctor Search - find a good physician in your area

A list of families who want to adopt your unborn baby

A locator for crisis pregnancy centers - find one near you

A locator for pro-life, natural method fertility doctors and teachers

A matching service for adopting handicapped children

Abortion Fact Sheet - quick facts on abortion questions and answers

Abortion Harms Women - What abortion clinics don't want you to know

Abortion help for teens - a resource for teenage girls & boys

Abortion Information - from abortion statistics to abortion pictures

Abortion information for black women

Abortion methods - medical descriptions of procedures & instruments

Abortion Pills - articles & facts on abortion pills RU-486

Adoption Information - adoption questions and answers - adoption news, adoption lists & adoption web links

Advice for teens on abortion related issues

Amazing Baby Photos Slide Show - Baby in womb reaches out

Article - Severe Psychiatric Problems Higher After Abortion

Article on pregnancy, abortion and babies in the Bible

Before getting an abortion you should read Why Abortion Still Hurts

Behind the abortion clinic door - Abortion information you should know

Bethany Christian Adoption Services

CareNet - Unplanned pregnancy help & pregnancy center locator

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer - facts on abortion risk

Collection of articles on abortion risks and post-abortion problems

Crisis pregnancy page for teens

Crisis Pregnancy? Find help in your area for an unexpected pregnancy

Effects of Abortion - Abortion medical effects and psychological effects

Facts on abortion injuries, botched abortions and abortion lawsuits - Nationwide chain offers photos of pre-born babies

Harder Truth Video - watch online

Heartbeat - Crisis pregnancy centers & nonprofit adoption agencies

Help for parents of statutory rape victims

How to avoid Breast Cancer

Legal recourse for minors who are pregnant by an adult - online or telephone crisis help and referrals

Planned Parenthood Exposed - Helping sexual predators prey on girls

Sidewalk counseling - helping women choose life for their babies

Silent Scream Video - abortion video you can watch online

The ABC Link - Find out how abortion causes breast cancer - for an unplanned or crisis pregnancy

Window To The Womb - to view life before birth

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