Its A Baby!
Great Commission Coalition 
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We are a Christian Ministry based in the Nashville Tennessee area of The United States. We are a Ministry Of The Great Commission Coalition and our Outrach is worldwide. So our focus at Its A Baby is the lives, health, and well-being of Unborn Children and their Mothers in particular. 

We offer assistance worldwide to Mothers who are in difficult circumstances with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. Our desire is to see Mothers Choose Life rather than Abortion. 

For all Mothers we offer assistance in the form of information and referrals to groups and agancies who stand ready to help with various types of needs both for the Mother and the Unborn Child.

We have a vast number of caring people who are ready and eager to help. 1,000,000's of Loving Married Couples are Praying and Yearning for a New Born Child to Adopt, Love, and Care For as their own. Many Mothers in difficult circumstances will choose to let their Baby Live and be Loved & Nurtured by such a Married Couple if they are made aware of Adoption as an option rather than Killing their Precious Unborn Child.

The role that we play is to inform Mothers and refer Mothers to appropiate groups that will provide specific information concerning how their Unborn Child's Life can Be Saved from A Cruel, Murderous Death, at the hands of an Abortionist.

Many times anyone can be overwhelmed by current circumstances in their life. This is particulary the case with a frightened, traumatized Mother who may feel all alone in her Pregnancy. We Promise you that you are not alone. You have a vast army of Loving, Caring People who Deeply Care for You and Your Unborn Baby. Many of these Dear People have devoted their entire life to helping Mothers just like you to Choose Life rather than Death for their Unborn Precious Ones.

The Most Important Truth By Far that You Do Need to Understand & Accept is that The Living God Knows, He Understands Clearly Who You Are, Where You Are, and 100% Concerning What You Are Going Through. God Knows, God Understands, & God Loves You Right Now! You are Cherished By God and So Is Your Unborn Baby. There are No Words Adequate to Describe God's Love For You and His Love For The Precious Child that Is Alive In You Today.

You may say; "It is hard for me to believe that God really Knows and Cares about Me & My Baby"? I can Prove to you that He Does Care --- you are here & reading His Testimony aren't you? Do you really think that we just "happened" to do this, or that you just "stumbled" into this Ministry? Not so at all. We were sent to do what we do By The Same God Who Really Is God, & Really Led You Here To Testify To You Concerning His Great Unchanging Love For You and Your Precious Unborn Baby.

You Are Loved & So Is Your Unborn Child. Do Not Be Tricked into Believing The Lie that seeks to convince that Death is your solution. Please Choose Life!
A Divine Alliance